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Frequently Asked Questions

Last reviewed 12/07/2021

No. The app needs to be installed on the device you want to monitor.

There is no way to install without physical access to the phone.

The content on the pannel is NOT deletable. Tha aumount of information captured by the pannel does not interfere with the app functionalities.

SpyLive360 is compatible with most antivirus.

Please uninstall the app and install it again.

No, on the Login webpage you can remove the device from the pannel, but to unistall you need access to the cell phone.

Any device with Android 5 or newer. There are many smartphones nowadays, to assure the compatibility you must: download, properly install and use it for the 48h trial.

For now our app is only available to Android devices, but if you wish to use an Iphone to access the webpage that monitors the targeted Android, it is possible.

It is not necessary. Although we do advice for you to have a certain access to it if an update is required or in case the cell phone gets reset.

Uninstall the app and install again.

Uninstall the app and install again.

There is no limit on remote functions. For the remote recording, you have to wait for the recording time to request a new one. If you ask for a 5 minute recording for example, you need to wait 5 minutes to allow time for the recording to complete.

The conversation made during the call is unaccessable, but you can see on the call log informations such as: number, date and time of day.

The license is per device, you buy 1 license for 1 device. You can monitor as many devices as you like, as long as you buy a license for each.

The trial version is available for download on our website, valid for 48 hours with no access limits to the content and no obligation.

No, but monitors websites accessed and login.


No, you need to install it on the device of the person you want to monitor.

The program starts monitoring from the moment of installation, we cannot guarantee the recovery of previous content.

Please reinstall the app on the new device and contact support for us to transfer the license.

The app will work invisibly on the cell phone as if it was part of the Android settings.

You can add as many devices on the pannel as you wish, but the license will be monitoring actively one device per license.

Regarding WhatsApp, the program monitors chats, images and audios. No calls.

We offer the download of the app on our website, but we do not have access to any cell phone and we are not responsible for the misuse of the app.

We do not recommend it, as it is a new device without anything installed or configured, information conflicts may occur, as there is no initial reading of the application, which is necessary for its proper functioning. In this case, we only recommend this procedure if you have access to the device after handing it over to the user, to perform configurations and updates, if necessary.

The time for sending the information depends solely and exclusively on the device on which the application is installed, its use and the internet, that is, the more use and the better the internet, the faster the data will update on the panel.

Yes, but it will update the data at a slower speed than if it were connected to a WiFi network.