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Get access to all monitored device activity such as Whatsapp messaging, Instagram, GPS and more! See below for all the features of SpyLive360, your best monitoring option.

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This SpyLive360 function allows you to monitor all Whatsapp sent and received text messages, audios and photos. 100% invisible and reliable.

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With this function, SpyLive360 accurately and real-time captures the location of the monitored device and also shows where the device has been. Your phone GPS function must be enabled for it to work properly.

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Get access to the history of calls made and received in chronological order. This feature lets you know: the number dialed or received, the date, time and duration of each call from the monitored device.

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Remote Commands

With SpyLive360 Spy, you can take photos remotely from your mobile phone anytime, discreetly and quietly, as well as record ambient audio in real time without anyone noticing.

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Digitized Keys

SpyLive360 monitors all keystrokes entered on the phone except passwords. Captures everything you type, whether it on your mobile browser or social networks, securely and completely invisibly.

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Sites / Searches

This function allows you to know all websites accessed and all searches made on the monitored mobile phone, even if the search or website was accessed and made through the incognito window. Get access to all this without a trace with SpyLive360.

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With this function, you can track all text messages sent or received by the user, view everything from your control panel.

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Apps List

With this function of SpyLive360, you will have access to the list of all applications installed on the monitored mobile phone.

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Why choose Android Spy Program

We are an innovative company that cares about the security of your business and the protection of your family. Have a spy app for Android that monitors everything safely and completely invisibly. And for your safety, all data is encrypted, so only the account owner has access to the monitored data.







3 Simple Steps

Here how to monitor an Android Phone 100% invisibly. Follow the steps to start monitoring your desired phone and tracking all device data in real time. The app installation is fast and secure.
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  1. 1

    Download Android Spy Program

    On our site click Free Trial to download Android Spy Program

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  2. 2

    Install on Device

    After the download is complete just follow the installation steps on the device.

  3. 3

    Access Panel

    Once you have installed the App Spy on the phone you want to monitor, access the Free Control Panel to keep track of all the data in real time.


The Advantages of Monitoring with Android Spy Program

How Android Spy Program, you can remotely monitor and view all SMS sent and received, calls, GPS and routes, Whatsapp Conversations, Instagram and other data on any Android phone.
Android Spy Program is an invisible spy application for cell phones that monitors data on the desired device, giving you a real idea of who is talking to your child or employee.

Android Spy Program For Family

When we talk about Parental Control we have a very successful role in our Android Spy Program:

The GPS function that captures the GPS location of the device safely and quietly. With this function of Android Spy Program, you find out where your child went with his cell phone and where he is at that moment.
Often in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, we have no way to stay alert and at the side of the child at all times and with Android Spy Program, you are unconcerned and can monitor from a distance what he is doing, where he is going, if he really went to school, if he went to the house of his usual colleague, where he told him he was going.

With Android Spy Program, you who are a business owner can also protect yourself against a possible scam by some malicious employee, or increase the productivity of your company, with the monitoring tools that only Android Spy Program offers you.

Android Spy Program

All of this is possible with our Android Spy Program. Not to mention the other monitoring functions of the Android Spy Program, like WhatsApp messages, for example. You parent who is concerned about not knowing who your child is talking to so much, can keep up to date by monitoring the messages your child sends and receives, and keeps you safe from the dangers if anything comes out of your normality. Rest assured with the use of your child is cell phone, we help you to prevent your family from any danger from the internet, with the help of our Android Spy Program.

How Android Spy Program, business owners can also monitor their employees. When used to track an Android phone or tablet, SpyLive360 allows you to extract information from the target Android device after a simple installation process.

You can view the monitored data remotely from any smartphone, tablet or computer, as long as they are connected to the Internet with the Android Spy Program. Find out if your employee is working correctly with the Android Spy Program, if that employee of yours is really being productive for your company or if you are planning to learn company secrets to pass on to competitors, for example.


Below are some of the features our SpyLive360 can offer.
  • WhatsApp


  • Instagram


  • Badoo


  • Telegram


  • Tinder


  • Snapchat


  • TikTok


  • Kawai


  • Calls


  • Location


  • SMS


  • SMS

    Digitized Keys

  • Websites


  • Schedule


  • Search


  • Apps


  • Gallery


  • Wifi


If you have any questions about the Download and Installation process for Android Spy Program, we created an Installation Manual for Android Spy Program, that will show you the whole step by step. But if you prefer to answer any questions or still have any difficulties, we have Android Spy Program via online chat, email, phone or WhatApp, which will provide you with all the assistance you need. So dont waste any more time and start monitoring with Android Spy Program, your best monitoring solution.

Android Spy Program

After that the Android Spy Program, will be completely invisible on the device. Get 2-day free trial of Android Spy Program and after the trial period, in order to access all the advanced functions of the Android Spy Program, just choose one of our plans.

It is important to remember that when you access your Control Panel from the Android Spy Program for the first time, it usually takes a few minutes to synchronize all data from the monitored device. In your Android Spy Program, in the left part there will be the list with all the monitoring functions of the device.

For your convenience, the synchronization update of the monitored data of the device in your Control Panel is automatic, all data of the target device will be available and categorized in your Control Panel ready for you to view online, that is, there is no need to click on no sync button as this is done automatically by the Android Spy Program. If the Android phone being monitored by Android Spy Program is not connected to the Internet or disconnected from the Android Spy Program you will not be able to show new data on your control panel.

When installing the Android Spy Program, you will have to enable all the functions necessary for monitoring, which will appear on the installation screen of the Android Spy Program. You will also be asked for a valid email and to create a password so that after installing the Android Spy Program on the target device, you access your Control Panel with the chosen data, and you will have access to all the data monitored by Android Spy Program

Easy, Fast and Secure Installation

You install the Android Spy Program on the cell phone you are going to monitor, and then you will have full access to everything Android Spy Program monitors.
The Android Spy Program monitors GPS location, remote photos, call history,, accessed websites, online surveys and many more. The Android Spy Program it also monitors WhatsApp conversations, text messages and audios, sent and received. Monitoring of Android Spy Program it is in real time and the device needs to be connected to the internet.

Installing the Android Spy Program it is very quick and easy, it takes a maximum of 2 minutes. To install the Android Spy Program you need to have the cell phone you want to monitor and enter our website using the target cell phone, and download the Android Spy Program.

After that, just follow the step by step installation of the Android Spy Program, configuring the necessary settings on the desired device and ready you can now start monitoring discreetly and safely with the Android Spy Program.

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See how to install SpyLive360

Install SpyLive360 in under 2 minutes.







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